Vicibox 1O Cluster Recommendation

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Vicibox 1O Cluster Recommendation

Postby medk » Thu Mar 30, 2023 8:31 pm


For a call center to use Vicibox 10, what is the minimum hardware specs to use it as a cluster for the following needs:
- Up to 100 agents
- Dial method: autodial (ratio between 3 and 8 as needed)
- Recording: all force
- AMD: on

Now how many servers do I need, what every server will be used for (web, database, asterisk...) and what should be the minimum specs for every server.

Thank you.
VICIbox 8.1.1
OpenSuSE Leap v.42.3 64-bit
Kernel v.4.4.155
Asterisk v.13.21.1-vici
DAHDI v.2.11.1
LibPRI v.1.6.0
Amfletec VoiceSync v.1.3.8
OpenR2 v.1.3.3 for MFC/R2 support
ViciDial SVN v.2.14-689a build 180922-0958 revision 3035
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