Help on Specs for Vicidial on Cloud Platform

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Help on Specs for Vicidial on Cloud Platform

Postby anandnavi8 » Tue Sep 13, 2022 7:54 am

hi there,
I am planning to host my ViCidial autodialer on Linode and I have 10agents to dial on the server.
Im predict the concurrent calls would be maximum 50-70, and planning to use eyebeam as softphone.

Can you suggest me the RAM and CPU recourses needed for my use case?

Im planning to use Vicibox 8.0.1 for the installation as I feel that's super stable and free from bugs, and I would only use Outbound calls and no Inbound calls.
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Re: Help on Specs for Vicidial on Cloud Platform

Postby jamiemurray » Sun Sep 18, 2022 5:37 pm

VICIdial requires realtime access to the DB, VMs can cause an untold number of issues if the host starts getting busy and transactions start getting delayed so despite having sufficient RAM and CPU cores, you could still see some issues. The issues you may see may range from random lockups of the system, audio quality issues and data consistency just to name some of them.
I'd go for 4cores and 8gb ram minimum. Test it thoroughly though, every installation can vary widely on virtual depending on how the host is set up.

Also why not give VICIbox v10 a go? It's already stable IMO and has served me well for several installations.

And save yourself the trouble of using eyebeam and having to configure it on the agent workstations:
Try VICIphone, the WebRTC client which works with any modern browser, combine this with setting $user_login_first = 1 on options.php and have the phone login and password stored on the user record, that way they only need to log in with one user id and password and as long as they have a headset plugged in at the point they login, the phone will load right in the browser for them.
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