Limit the vicidial agent login

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Limit the vicidial agent login

Postby vijo » Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:37 am

Hai all,

Is there any option where I can limit the concurrent agent login into 45 ?

Because I Need to limit the agent login into 45. I have tried to delete astguiclient conference but that cause me that after some point of time agent was unable to login

any suggestions?

Current OS : Centos 7.4
astguclient : 2.14 version
Installed from scratch.
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Re: Limit the vicidial agent login

Postby williamconley » Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:48 am

1) You did not list your full version information. It's not "astguiclient" and hasn't been for a decade: It's Vicidial and the version includes a "build" number. Please remember to post the entire Vicidial Version. Required for the Free Support on this site. 8-)

2) This is not a "Goautodial" question: It's a Vicidial Support Question. Goautodial is merely the installation CD for Vicidial. Although I will concede that it would be possible one of the Vicidial installers (Goautodial, Vicibox, Manual installation ...) may provide a solution that isn't in the core Vicidial code. But none do, so it's just a support question for Vicidial. lol. (I Will move this topic to the Support Board where it belongs. :) )

3) You posted this question in the Goautodial board ... but stated in your post that you "installed from scratch". Conflict there. Odd.

4) Options for limiting to 45 without writing code:
Admin->Phones -- Only create 45 of them. No way to log in without a phone!
Admin->Users -- Only create 45 of them. No way to log in without a user!

5) Options for limiting to 45 by writing code - but upgrade-safe:
SQL Script to check for logged in users, then pick the earliest (or latest?) and auto-log them out. Run it every minute.
Separate web login page that "bounces" to the real login page after success: But after success will check to see if there are already 45 users. If so return "please wait until another user logs out ...". Then don't give out the real login page (consider moving it to a different filename, but remember that the agents will have "relogin" as an option after they log out unless you alter the real page to push them back to the modified page ... and then you've modified Vicidial code and are no longer upgrade-safe).

6) Modify the agent login page to check for the number of users. Create a Settings Container with the "max agents allowed" so you can easily change from 45 to another number without rewriting the code.

Is this a "per campaign" limit? Or a "per server"? Or "Enterprise-wide"? Why don't you just add another server to the cluster? 8-)
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