Congestion and ChanUnavail

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Congestion and ChanUnavail

Postby Utsav » Thu Mar 05, 2020 1:56 pm


We are using vicibox 8.0.1 set up as cluster.

1 Database
1 archive
11 Web + Asterisk (100 Trunks, 10CPS each)

When we start outbound campaign we are getting chanUnavail and Congestion more.

I dont know what exactly is causing chanunavail and congestion but when i read about it on forum about congestion came to know about carrier issue so i contacted my carrier and asked him about ports available for us, got answer that we are assigned 2000 Dedicated ports and 120 CPS

Please let me know what could be the issue.

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Re: Congestion and ChanUnavail

Postby williamconley » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:10 pm

Stop asking your carrier vague questions. When you get chanunavail or congestion on ONE call, ask the carrier why you got chanunavail or congestion on THAT call. They will then tell you why THAT call got that response IF they got the call request. If they did not get the call request (for chanunavailable especially), then you'll need to check the asterisk command line debug and/or sip debug to find out why your system did not generate the call (or more accurately did not send the call to the carrier ...). But start with the congestion and ask the carrier if they received the INVITE and why they rejected it.
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