Hi ... my vicidial start story

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Hi ... my vicidial start story

Postby muratyilmaz.dev » Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:34 am

Hi guys.
Let me tell you on the first post. Unfortunately my English is not very good. That's why I get Google translate help. But this does not prevent me from joining a family like you. I hope I can express you myself correctly.

I have become a member of the forum yet. I am a Fullstack PHP developer. I made a business agreement with a new customer for a new project. Our project is Predictive dialer call center software. And the operation, maintenance, configuration, adjustments of this software.

I have never worked on Voip protocol, Asterisk and so on before. Customer Goautodial said he wanted it. I started the project exactly 1 month ago. After reading on Goautodial for 3-5 days, I installed it according to the instructions. Meanwhile I was reading VOIP, SIP, Asterisk, what is it. I was trying to figure out how it works.

But problems started. Although I installed the Goautodial 4 software in 1 hour, I could not make calls for about 10 days. Whatever I did was not happening. I was looking for the errors I received in the Goautodial forum and the Wiki document. Yes, many users like me had the same error. But I was jumping from topic to topic and I could not get a clear answer. (For example, some errors; agent login freeze error, Kamailio error, ssl error etc ...)

I was aware of Vicidial in this research and preliminary study.
My client also mentioned Vicidial sometime. But, "Vicidial is the infrastructure of the others. It was a very solid but very complex system."

Then I started researching the Vicidial site. I downloaded the manuals. I made readings for 1-2 days. I read very old topics in the forum. I found the source! This is what I was looking for. The titles below convinced me. I hope it will be recommended to new users next.

http://www.vicidial.org/VICIDIALforum/v ... +4#p119127

http://www.vicidial.org/VICIDIALforum/v ... +4#p138428

http://www.vicidial.org/VICIDIALforum/v ... +4#p137959

http://www.vicidial.org/VICIDIALforum/v ... 23#p135711



There is a team working for Goautodial. Yes, they make a lot of effort. But the versions are unstable. There are major updates. v2, v3, v.3, v4 .... As a software developer, such major changes are not good for me. Usability is difficult.

That's all for now. I will share the scenario I think of in the next post.


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Re: Hi ... my vicidial start story

Postby mflorell » Fri Feb 21, 2020 7:35 am

Thank you very much for posting your story! We look forward to reading more in the future.

As for GoAutoDial, we usually recommend installing VICIbox instead, since it is easier to get running and is our officially supported installer that we have also used to install thousands of client VICIdial systems: http://www.vicibox.com/server/index.html
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Re: Hi ... my vicidial start story

Postby bbakirtas » Sat Mar 07, 2020 11:01 am

Vici diğerlerinden çok daha iyi ve kaliteli bir altyapısı var.Goautodiale hiç bulaşma hepsi vicidialin alt yapısını kullanır.
Bir çok sürüm ve kopya var.
osdial - goautodial vb. hepsi vicinin kopyası...

Vicidial is best, dont use others :)
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Re: Hi ... my vicidial start story

Postby bertlandh » Sat Mar 14, 2020 5:54 am

Your story moved me to actually register here. :D
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