vicidial 2.14  priorities the leads

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vicidial 2.14  priorities the leads

Postby vijo » Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:18 am

Dear All,

I have installed vicidial server with astguiclient 2.14 version on CentOS 7 OS.

I need to priorities the leads as below.

1. First preference should be always for present-day live calls(a status which has NEW)
2. 2nd Preference: last 7 days leads which the status as NEW.
3.3rd Preference: Call back cases
4.4th Preference: Nonconnected calls.

Is there any option as per the above scenario ?
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Re: vicidial 2.14  priorities the leads

Postby williamconley » Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:04 pm

1) You have not listed your Vicidial Version with Build. In fact, you called it "astguiclient" which it hasn't been named in a decade and only listed the major revision level.
2) Since you did not install from the Vicibox Installer, I won't ask you to list the Vicibox Version, but you should list the .iso installer name/version along with a link to the installation instructions you used. It often helps us when you have problems related to others with the same installation method.
3) It also never hurts to include the reason you didn't install with the Vicibox installation CD (from, that can help us understand your situation and viewpoint.
4) Try using the "DOWN LAST CALL TIME xND NEW" as the List Order and then you *could* try putting a value in the "Vendor ID" field that would represent a priority for the list order secondary or just use RANK or OWNER fields for the primary. These options would require writing a script to populate those fields.
5) Alternately, you could limit via Filters on the campaign until you deplete each category since filter isn't "order" but "exclusion" based and change the filter when everything for one category has been loaded into the hopper and you're about to run out of leads.
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